Up most of the night finishing.....

the third book by one of my favorite authors. Hard Magic: Book 1 of the Grimnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia. After having read Monster Hunter International, and Monster Hunter Vendetta, I couldn't wait to dig into the newest book. Compared to the monster filled world created in the Monster Hunter series, the Grimnoir series is much closer to our own. This series takes place in the 1920-30's, but twists the world we know by adding a magical element to history. I love the quotes at the beginning of each chapter that share either a small bit of back-story, or add magic to some piece of history (like Einstein, Abe Lincoln, and the like). My only beef is that the main character is always a 300+ lbs giant of a man. Where is the 5'7" 175 lb hero? ;) Can't wait for the next book in either series.

Oh, and all of these books are available for around $6 each at Baen publishing.
Hard Magic: Book 1 of the Grimnoir Chronicles

Free prequel story Here

At least I retrieved a lost birthday present yesterday to find the first three graphic novels of The Walking Dead to tide me over...

More to come.

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