Random Thought

Aaron Aldridge found a web archive of the original SigmaThetaEpsilon
National webpage. It is pretty interesting to see that (check out the BB at
http://sigmatheta.org to see what I am talking about).

That got me thinking, so I dredged up my old webpage from UC Engineering
http://www.eng.uc.edu/~aljohnso/. It is still there!!!! I graduated over
three years ago, but it is still there. It is pretty interesting that the
picture there is over 5 years old!!!. It also shows my old apartment in the
background that I loved. If you look at the pictures that I linked to, you
can see my first room at the frat house. I sure wish I had pictures of the
other room that I had. It was so much cooler.

Compare that page to my current page http://thejohnsonfamilyonline.net/ and
you can see that my web skills have grown some, but not much.