So Ricky's party was fun!!! He ran around and said Hi alot. Also, he likes cake :).

Saw a lot of family, and our friends Josh and Ann stopped by :)

So we are getting close to the big day. Rachel is getting really tired, and some contractions have started :). So maybe in the next week we will have someone to introduce you to. :)

Anyways, house is still going slowly. Haven't gotten much of anything done since the big tear out. I have to go get the appliances this week, more junk in the garage :)

We had a church picnic yesterday. Ricky Ran and ran and ran and ran and ran. Wore Daddy out. But he really likes swings.

We are having the pastor over this Thursday, so hopefully the baby waits till then :)

Check out the pictures from the party :)


Catchup with the Johnsons

Rachel and I are getting ready for Ricky's 2nd B-day party this coming saturday. We are staying at my parents on Friday night so Rachel and Mom can make the cake (we don't have an oven right now ;)).

Last night we cut Ricky's hair for the first time with the clippers. It was so much faster than with sissors. He cried a little bit, but then I took him out to play on his slide, and he talked to the neighbor. Watch photos.johnsoax.com for pictures of the haircut.

We also interviewed a doula for Wes's birth yesterday. We decided to hire her, as we really got along with her well. She will be there to help me keep Rachel comfortable. I wish more insurances would cover these professionals, as they easily save more money than they cost for the delivery. Oh well, it is definitly money well spent.

Had to buy a new printer. The two year curse strikes again. And this time, right after I change the cartridges :(.

Well, we are trying to get the munchkin to bed. More later.


Web changes

Well, thanks to Registerfly.com loosing their ICANN Accredidation, I will be changing a few things around.

johnsoax.com will point to our webpage, (that used to be thejohnsonfamilyonline.net)instead of here. This blog will now be blog.johnsoax.com.

I have made the changes, now they just have to propagate through the internet before they work.

I will fix the webpage to show the new address, and change thejohnsonfamilyonline.net to show a page directing people to update their bookmarks for the new addresses.

And I will just be letting thejohnsonfamilyonline.net expire in november. Mainly because Registerfly is not letting me move it to another registrar and because it is just too long. ;)

Anyways, have a good day.