Last night

This is a running commentary of what happened last night with Rachel's flight back from an ADX convention in California. Last year, we all went and got stranded in Cleveland overnight. Two years ago, Rachel got delayed for 14 hours and Ricky and I ended up spending the night in a hotel in Columbus. And now to the story, written as it happened :)

02/22/09 - 21:46
As I write this, the boys and I are sitting at Subway, inside Walmart in Dayton, just south of I-70. Rachel got on a plane in Chicago at 8. I started to load up the boys then, and we headed out around 8:05. Rachel called me at 8:30 to tell me that the plane she was on was having "mechanical difficulty" with the door. They found this out after everyone was loaded..... even though the Rachel watched the last four flights have the exact same problem. So I decided that we would just head to Dayton anyways, and kill time at Walmart. I didn't want to waste the gas to drive back home, then back up. The only problem is that if we end up having to spend the night in a hotel, I am not prepared, and I am mad at myself for that. Rachel did text me to tell me that they were switching planes. So now we are eating Apples and cookies........waiting. More as the drama unfolds.

02/22/09 - 22:06
Rachel just let us know that she is on the new plane. I expect a call any second that something is wrong with this plane, or the fact that it is currently snowing in Dayton will cause a problem. Boy am I a pessimist when it comes to airplanes.
(Not safety wise, but as in getting people to where they say when they say they will).

2/22/09 23:00
Still at Walmart. looked at just about everything. I am now letting Ricky randomly say a direction, and we walk that way. It is actually kinda fun, mainly because of how much fun he is having doing it. These kids are going to crash when we finally get Rachel.

2/22/09 23:16
Rachel has landed!!! We are heading to get her.

2/22/09 23:56
Got her. Much "Hi Mommy" from the boys :).

2/23/09 00:55
At the apartment. Both boys are asleep and we need to unload.

2/23/09 1:09
Home and unpacked. Ricky is asleep, and Rachel is cuddling with Wes.

Just once, I wish that we would get home from ADX convention on the same day that travel is started. But I guess it is a plus that we are spending the night at home.



I know, it has been a while since I posted here.  I have started using twitter for little updates.  Maybe I will figure out how to combine this blog, twitter, and facebook so I can update one thing or the other and everything will get updated.
Rachel and the baby (tentatively named Teddy) are doing great.  The baby has really been kicking hard lately, and its fun getting beaten up in the morning.  Rachel heads to California on Thursday for her sorority national meeting.  So I besides Friday, when a friend is going to watch the boys so I can go to work, I have the boys all to myself for the weekend.
Rachel's sister-in-law was in the hospital.  I am still confused about what all was involved, we need to call them to see how she is doing.  Put in a prayer for her and her family if you get a chance.
I got Rachel a Macbook air (refurbished) for Valentines day.  It was less than half price, with free shipping.  It’s a sharp little computer, and I think that it will be a little better then the 12" Powerbook that she had.  I am going to convert that into a picture frame sometime in the future, you know, when I get some spare time.
Got the server updated to Mac OS 10.5, and iLife 09 (well, just iPhoto).  The new faces aspect is pretty cool, it was fun confirming which kid was which last night and seeing all the different pictures of Ricky and Wesley from over the years.
House is still for sale.  Had a followup visit from the visit in early January (the son this time, whose house it was to be).  I haven't heard anything.  Going to call him this week to see if he is interested.
Work is going well.  Pretty busy on a few different projects that are all pretty high priority.
Besides that, we are pretty busy, getting ready for the baby, taking care of our two sons, and our respective Fraternity/Sorority national meetings coming up.
Till next time…..