Moving. Well sort of........

For a few weeks, Rachel and I have been discussing moving my computer from the living room down into the basement. My office will eventually be down in the basement anyways, if we ever get to the basement finishing stage of our house.

So we are having a little get together in a few weeks, and we are trying to straighten up the house. So Rachel informed me today (by text message ;) ) that I am moving my office into the basement. Here it is, can you blame her?

Desk Move 1

So I came home from work, and after dinner, figured out where I wanted to put my full desk. I have only been using about a 1/4 of it in the living room, as that is all that would fit. After I figured out where to put it, I had to run an electric circuit to it, as our basement doesn't have many outlets. Then I had to run a network homerun.

Then I moved the part of the desk that was already in the basement, swept up really good (paint that is partially pealing off a concrete floor is a pain in the butt to sweep up, especially when there are multiple layers of paint :(). I then went to the second floor of our house where we have some stuff stored and found one of the 5x9 carpets. Took that down to the basement and unrolled it.

Got the desk unloaded, carried into the basement and fully assymbled. And now I have all of the computer set back up.

Desk Move 5

More pictures on our flicr page :)



Forgot to post this yesterday.

We had a Dr's appointment for Wes and we went over the test results from the Friday before. Wes's platelets have come up to 175k. So they are in the normal range now. And his Jaundice is about gone. It isn't even a factor anymore. So we get to cancel the Hemotologist appointment, and Wes is doing just fine!!!!!


And that was fast

Rachel called before lunch to say that I got a letter from ELSES (the testing company).

So I decided to go home for lunch.

It was a really thin letter.

I passed :).

Your Results have been mailed

This was on the Ohio Professional Engineer and Professional Surveryor Lecense board page this morning.

"Ohio's 2007 April FE, PE exam results have been mailed by ELSES

Ohio's 2007 April NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering and Principles and Practice of Engineering exam results have been mailed by ELSES, the Board's exam administrator. The Board cannot give exam results over the telephone or by email."

So, I will find out soon if I passed or not.



Being home is great!!!

Rachel and I are blissfully tired :). Ricky has a cold on top of the new little one. Wes is doing great. He is eating good, pooping good and sleeping good, and that's about all babies do ;).

Today I am going to clean up the kitchen, pull off the chair rail, install a water line to the fridge, and do some rewiring. Fun, fun, fun :).

Hopefully Ricky will help me.

Oh, pictures are up of Wes at http://photos.johnsoax.com/



So last night was rough. I was pretty sleepy on the drive home, and then Wes, having been isolated under the bili-light for two days, wanted to be cuddled and played with and fed all night long.

Rachel tells me that I got more sleep than she did, due to me falling asleep putting Ricky to bed.

Today is going well, we went and had the biliruben test this morning, and it is now at 11.1. Yesterday was at 11. But Dr Gill (our normal pediatrition) thinks everything looks good. He schedualed another biliruben and CDC (for the blood platelets) test for Friday, but if everything comes back good, we may not have to see the hemotologist at all. As Dr Gill said, "If all of your blood tests are normal, what is a hemotologist going to do?"

We also have another appointment with Dr Gill in a week. So we are having fun as a family now :).

Off for a family walk!!!!!

I should be getting the pictures up tonight.


We are coming home!!!!

The jaundus has gotten better. We went down 3 points, and he got
older, so unless it gets worse again, we are out of the danger zone.

We have a Drs appointment tomorrow with our normal doctor!!

The hospital Dr gave us a choice, either stay one more night in the
hospital for the next billi-ruben test (jaundas), or go home and go to
St Mary's hospital in the morning to have the test. He didn't have a
preference. So which one do you think we chose ;).

We still have to set up the hemotologist appointment, but it won't be
till the 21st.

Pictures to follow tonight!!!!


New Update

Wes looks really good today. He has had lots of dirty diapers (best
way to clear up jaundus), and we are just awaiting the "official" test
results. Then he needs to be removed from the bili-light for 12 hours
with the jaundus not getting worse. So as far as we know, we may be
able to come home today.

Otherwise, I don't know what is going to happen. Ricky is staying
with my parents, and Mom only has so many vacation days to use for
this. I should be home for the whole week, but I have to confirm it
with my parents.

Please pray for our family.



Update on Wes

Saw the Dr. Unfortunately the jaundus hasn't changed, so we are stuck
here another day. Once that gets under control, we should be able to
go home.

On the platelet front, there was also no change, but we are going to
be refered to a hemotologist tomorrow. If there aren't any
appointments this week in Lima, we will get one in Dayton.

I'll keep you updated as things change.

Wesley Matthew

Wesley Matthew Johnson was born May 31 at 2:08pm. He was 8lbs, 4oz and 20 3/4; when he was born. The labor was perfect, Rachel gave birth in a hot tub! Unfortunately, they found some issues with Wes's blood, then he got moderate jaundace, so we are still in the hospital. He is on an IV and under the blue lights :(. Hopfully we will get out today, but should be out by tomorrow. I will get somw pictures up on the picture page (photos.johnsoax.com) as soon as I can. I only have my pdas, so I am a little limited in what I can do (will attemp to fix some of that when I get a chance when all of this is over)/ Ok, time to eat breakfast.