And the Kitchen continues

My Dad came over today and this was my list of things I wanted to accomplish.

Remove old sink plumbing (drain and supply, and cap/plug for later).
Finish rough-in electric work for kitchen (at least so we could close up walls).
Fix outside brick/plaster wall
Put in drywall and mud first coat.
Look at electric panel for future upgrade
look at fancy metal backsplace
look into insulating basement windows.

We got everything done, except the last one, we talked about it, but didn't look at anything at the hardware store.

Tuesday I will put the second coat of mud on the drywall, and fill in some more holes on the brick/plaster wall.

Then I will start putting cabinets together :)

We should have it done by Febuary!!!!!!


One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

I don't know how many of you have heard of this? You can read more about it at Laptop.org. Rachel and I's friend, Josh Parsell, chatted with me one day about OLPC's Thanksgiving promotion of "Give One, Get One". I investigated it, and after chatting with Rachel and talking and Praying about it, we decided to do it. What happens is that you buy 2 of the OLPC laptops. One of them gets sent to Africa, or some other third world country, and one gets sent to you. This is two fold. One is that it is a neat way to get people to help finance this program, and the other is so that OLPC can have people in the US that have the laptops to provide tech support for the children in developing countries.

Basically, you get to write off one of the laptops on your taxes, and you get to keep one for you. So as I said, after Rachel and I prayed about it, we decided to buy two of the deals. This was back in November, and they had told us that they didn't know if we would recieve our laptops by Christmas or not. We weren't in any rush, as we weren't getting them for Christmas presents anyways.

Well, long story even longer ;), we got home from the Nead family Christmas, and found a large heavy box on the front porch. Now, mind you, this isn't unusual with Rachel's ebay habit, but we were perplexed none-the-less.

I get it inside and open the box, and inside are two of the laptops. Now as anyone who knows me would realize, I got a bit excited :).

So we unboxed one of them, and got it up and running for Ricky, then got the other one open and set it up for Wes. Of course one of the instructions is that infants are not to use it.

Well, ok, its late, and I need to head to bed, as we have Church tomorrow, then the Johnson Extended Family Christmas in Cincinnati tomorrow.

Unboxing pictures are at photos.johnsoax.com