More progress

Installed 2 outlets, wire connected in the breaker panel
gas is installed
range is installed.
circuit is half pulled for the dishwasher.

as far as plumbing, the drains are done, including for the dishwasher (pictures on flickr), but the supply is not done. I am really not good at soldering copper. Not at all. Burned up a t. Then I picked up the wrong shutoff valves for the sink, so I need to return those and get the right ones.

Might wait for Dad to help me finish up the plumbing.
The dishwasher can be installed at anytime after the electric and plumbing is done.

Things on tomorrow nights agenda
Mow the lawn
Move the family computer into the kitchen.
Put the kitchen table into the kitchen.
Clean tools out of kitchen, clean kitchen really well for Rachel to start moving things in.
If I have time, I will work on plumbing some more.

List for hardware store tomorrow
shingle nails (for pipe hangers)
2 correct shutoff valves
3 copper 1/2 90s
some way to connect the new copper to the old galvanized without soldering the two together. I thought the outlets on the galvanized were at 45 degree, but they are not, so I can't solder them solid. Probably need to get some kind of flex hose.


Progress on Kitchen

List of things accomplished this weekend.

Backsplash Fully installed and painted
Floor in kitchen installed
Closet door and frame removed.
Range carried into kitchen and unpacked (Not hooked up yet)
2 of the 5 remaining electrical outlets installed. (need longer screws for two) (One I have to get into the crawls space for, and that isn't happening before the party)
Purchased breakers for diswasher and 2nd kitchen circuit.

Remaining before party
install 2 outlets - Connect wire in breaker panel (Monday)
install plumbing - (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
install gas (Monday)
install range (Monday)
run circuit for dishwasher (Monday)
install dishwasher (Thursday)


Progress on the kitchen - Future plans


Lets see, since I posted last, I have gotten the following done.

Finished stripping the bad primer.
Painted on the new primer
Pulled up all of the old floor.
Got all the other stuff floating around the kitchen out
Painted the wall color
Finished the electrical rough in for the counter recepticles, light above the sink, and future garbage disposal.
(The outside wall was a bear, I had three two conductor cables embedded into the brick, so I had to find where they all ran out of the brick in the attic (major dusty insulation), reconfigure them and wire it all together. The three cables are 1- switch for future garbage disposal, 2- ground wire for receptacle and switch leg for light, and 3- power and neutral for receptacle (power feeds the light switch too))

Remaining to do before party (boys birthday party)
Install floor
Install backsplash
paint backsplash
install outlets - Connect wire in breaker panel
install plumbing
install gas
install range
run circuit for dishwasher
install dishwasher

Remaining to do after party
Install baseboard trim
replace both kitchen windows
install window trim
replace closet door - install trim
replace garage access door - install trim
replace front kitchen door - install trim
replace door frame between kitchen and dining room with pass through trim
Replace lights
Maybe after that, install crown molding, clean and paint the ceiling.

Next project - continue to run new flooring into dining room, hallway, and living room. Also strip wallpaper, and paint same rooms before new floor goes in.

All in all, a pretty busy summer left :)


One year ago

One year ago this weekend, we tore out the kitchen at our house.

Well, today we installed the new countertop :)

I will take pictures after I get done working tomorrow, I think you will all be suprised by our progress :)

Check back tomorrow night.

Now I need to sleep. I also mowed the front lawn tonight.

Very tired and sore.


$60 dollars later....

I have the new primer and some other needed tools. The wallpaper steamer worked well to remove the bad primer.

2 walls down, 2 walls to go.

Then I can start the painting process all over :(.


Primer wasn't the right kind.

Its pealing off at the slightest touch, so now I get to scrape it all off and start over :(.

Primer is up

Got two coats of Primer painted last night. Tonight I paint the wall color. Hopefully it won't smell as bad as the primer did.

If all goes well, I will be installing the new floor on Thursday.

The request for help is still out there. Lots more to do before the deadline of May 24th :).


Kitchen on the Move

All of the cabinets are in!!!! (Well, the one that has to be built around the dishwasher isn't in yet) The countertop is ordered. The wallpaper is all stripped. I would be painting primer right now if I had a tray liner for my paint tray :(. The flooring for the whole first floor is sitting in the kitchen and the dining room. I hope to get that installed in the kitchen this week.

If you want to help, give me a call, I most likely could use the help :).

Check out photos.johnsoax.com for pictures.