More progress

Installed 2 outlets, wire connected in the breaker panel
gas is installed
range is installed.
circuit is half pulled for the dishwasher.

as far as plumbing, the drains are done, including for the dishwasher (pictures on flickr), but the supply is not done. I am really not good at soldering copper. Not at all. Burned up a t. Then I picked up the wrong shutoff valves for the sink, so I need to return those and get the right ones.

Might wait for Dad to help me finish up the plumbing.
The dishwasher can be installed at anytime after the electric and plumbing is done.

Things on tomorrow nights agenda
Mow the lawn
Move the family computer into the kitchen.
Put the kitchen table into the kitchen.
Clean tools out of kitchen, clean kitchen really well for Rachel to start moving things in.
If I have time, I will work on plumbing some more.

List for hardware store tomorrow
shingle nails (for pipe hangers)
2 correct shutoff valves
3 copper 1/2 90s
some way to connect the new copper to the old galvanized without soldering the two together. I thought the outlets on the galvanized were at 45 degree, but they are not, so I can't solder them solid. Probably need to get some kind of flex hose.


cdwalker247 said...

Finally got a chance to look at the pics of the kitchen. It looks great! Like the fact that you have a GE and IKEA kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Alex,

We've been looking for more pictures of the finished project and Pics from Our Nephews birthday Party....Would love to see what they look like now that they are 3yrs and 1 yrs plus we would love to see pics of our family that was able to be there and share with the boys.....sorry we were on Vacation and couldnt take part ourselves...

Hope the Pics are coming soon
Aaron & Heather Anderson