Could be the house

The house that I posted in my last entry may just be the one. The basement flooded last year when the hot water heater failed, but there is potential everywhere you look in the house.

It needs updated, as the house was built in the 50s and is now with the original owners kids as they died in the last few years, and just hasn't been lived in for a while.


Been a long time :)

I just noticed that it has been almost two years since I posted here :).

Whoops :)

So lets see, what has happened since the last post. Well, I have a son, and have changed jobs. I now work in Minster OH. We still have our house in Chicago that we are trying to sell. If you are interested, let me know ;).

Anyways, Rachel and I just drove by a house. She and Ricky came to have lunch with me :). We are going to look at the house tomorrow afternoon. If it works out, I will be able to walk to work :).

Link to house here :)