So as some of you know, Rachel and I recently moved into a "new-to-us" house ;).

So I called NKTELCO to get cable hooked up last week. The first person said it would take about 3 weeks because they have to "install" the cable modem (and charge me $60 for it). So I called Time Warner/Adelphia, they could install the next week, but were more expensive monthly, and didn't have all the channels that NKTELCO had. So I called NKTELCO back the next day and got someone who knew what they were talking about and got it schedualed to hook up to the back of the house on Tuesday (yesterday).

So yesterday Rachel called to tell me that the cable guys in the back yard got our dog barking, which woke up Ricky. So I told her to check the cable. Nothing. Hmmm. I will have to look at it at the end of the day.

So I get home. I checked out back first. We have two coax cables coming out of the ground, a beautiful 1/2" cable that looks brand new, and a crappy, dirty 3/8" cable that I wouldn't use. The nice cable is hooked to our wiring in the house.

OK, maybe the splitter is bad. They wouldn't not hook up the right cable in the back.

Down in the basement. Checked the splitter, seemed ok, but decided to swap it anyways. Hooked in a 3-way instead of the 2-way. Nothing. Shoot. Hey I have a barrel here (to connect two cables directly to each other), maybe the cable is too week. So I unhook the 3-way splitter, and I get shocked. Stupid Null Line (cable companies use these to keep people from stealing cable, they fry equipment - all of my equipment is hooked up to it :( ).

So I get the barrel in, still nothing. Hmm, maybe I need to use that nasty cable outside? I go out to the back of the house with a Rag and clean it up. I guess it is ok, it is still kinda crappy compared to the other one, oh well. Hook it up. Hey, I have TV :). Hook up the cable modem, get the cable light. Sweet :). Plugged the router in and headed upstairs.

I start up my computer and connect to my router. I open Safari and bring up google, yahoo, I have internet. So I type in www.nktelco.com to see if I need to do any kind of setup, and I get a page with a large cartoon roadrunner on it, telling me to call a phone number to sign up. Wait a minute, this isn't right, this says Time Warner. So I pull out my palm, where I had copied the channel listings down so Rachel and I could decide which company to go with. Sure enough, I had Time Warner cable. Crap.

The installers for one cable company hooked us to the other, wrong cable company!!!!!!

So I called the number, and only the internet tech support was there, he mentioned that this has happened before.

So we have cable right now, even though it is wrong, but still no internet. :(