House Call

Got a call about the house!!!!!!! Showing it on Saturday.


Merry Christmas!!!!!

May God bless you today and in the coming year!!

I am at work today, looking forward to driving to my parents tonight. Ricky and Wesley are excited about seeing their Nana and Pops. We will be driving to my sister's house tomorrow mid-afternoon for our family Christmas, then back to my parents for Thursday night, and then down to Cincy for Extended family Christmas on Friday.

Lots of traveling, but we will take our time and have fun doing it.


Interesting article

I found this article today on wnd.com and thought it was interesting.

Today's Baal Worshipers
Matt Barber

I think it is very interesting. I don't know how much I agree with everything, but the basic premise makes sense. Today's liberals are yesterdays Baal worshipers. The parallels that he makes are pretty good.



Great Article on "Global Warming"

As many of your know, I do not believe in man made global warming.  I don't even believe the globe is warming at all.
Some facts from the story.
The mean global temperature, at least as measured by satellite, is now the same as it was in the year 1980. In the last couple of years sea level has stopped rising. Hurricane and cyclone activity in the northern hemisphere is at a 24-year low and sea ice globally is also the same as it was in 1980
And my favorite:
James O'Brien, an emeritus professor at Florida State University who studies climate variability and the oceans, said that global climate change is very important for the country and that Americans need to make sure they have the right answers for policy decisions. But he said he worries that scientists and policymakers are rushing to make changes based on bad science.
"Global climate change is occurring in many places in the world," O'Brien said. "But everything that's attributed to global warming, almost none of it is global warming."
He took issue with the AP article's assertion that melting Arctic ice will cause global sea levels to rise.
"When the Arctic Ocean ice melts, it never raises sea level because floating ice is floating ice, because it's displacing water," O'Brien said. "When the ice melts, sea level actually goes down."
"I call it a fourth grade science experiment. Take a glass, put some ice in it. Put water in it. Mark level where water is. Let it met. After the ice melts, the sea level didn't go up in your glass of water. It's called the Archimedes Principle."
He called sea level changes a "major scare tactic used by the global warming people."


Shirts for Christmas, and other items

I am working on laundry and getting all of my shirts unpacked, and have come to a huge revelation. I don't need any more shirts. If you have already purchased a shirt for me, that's great, I can use it, but don't buy me any if you haven't already. It turns out I had some shirts packed away. I have 54 shirts currently hanging in my closet, with a load of laundry in the washer and in the dryer with more shirts. So I will be weaning my shirt supply instead of growing it. I think I will get it down to 15 long sleeve dress shirts, 5 long sleeve polos, 10 short sleeve polo's, and 10 other shirts.

What should I do with the other shirts? I will be giving them away, but which charity should I give them too?

And for some more information about the ipod touch stuff. I recieved an email from the company that I posted (I have done business with them in the past), and they offered me a tremendous deal. I got the items shipped to me for 64% of the regular price :).

Things are going well. We have a "Sibling" class at Christ Hospital on Saturday for the boys to help with the baby. Then we are meeting up with Rachel's folks for dinner. Next week I have a bunch of meetings, then I am heading to Minster to work on flooring again. Hopefully it won't be too cold while I am there.

Well, need to get back to laundry.


Updated Christmas List

Gift Cert to iTunes (to get Voltron seasons)
Gift cert to eReader.com or fictionwise.com (to get ebooks)(email for gift is ereader at johnsoax.com)
Back to the Future DVD set. (Widescreen)
The Usual Suspects DVD (widescreen)
Jurassic Park Adventure Pack ( widescreen)
Alien Triple Pack (widescreen)
the office season 2 or 3
House season 1,3,4
jeremy camp - Live Unplugged CD
jeremy camp - speaking lounder than before CD
Device mount for Pacifica (want to be able to have GPS and ipod mounted to it on side of dash, right now just want the custom mount for the Pacifica).
Dress shirts and ties. (I have no idea a size, I just went to the bathroom to look, and couldn't see find it in the shirt I am wearing at all.
Some way to generate electricity for free or cheap, (disposable nuclear reactor or "Mr. Fusion")
A buyer for my house.

Do not buy me:
Accessories for my iPod Touch (screen protector, some kind of protective case)