I know, I know, I said that I would get some stuff up last week. Well with the power outage that gripped the city of Cincinnati last week, and starting the new job, Rachel and the Boys stayed all last week, so I didn't get anything done. Well this week, I have chores. I have to mow the lawn here tomorrow, then do some painting. After that, depending on what time it is, I will get started on some blogging. :)


Getting started

We have rented a place on the bus line. We don't want another car. I have decided to use the bus to get back and forth to work. At least right now.... We will see how it goes.

Getting ready to make a small move down there with just essentials for me for the week.

Also still feeling very weak from having the flu for the last two days.

Hopefully we can sell our house by November. UC is paying to move us down, so we are going to take a couple weekends after the big move to really clean and finish the house up here, and hopefully get it sold.

So if anyone wants to buy a nice fixer-upper in Minster, OH, please let me know. It isn't that expensive either ;).


Big News

Since I gave my notice, I can post that I have a new job. I will be a Senior Staff Engineer at the University of Cincinnati in the Planning + Design + Construction Department. My tentative start date is September 15th. That may slide depending on my current projects at my current job at Garmann/Miller. Garmann/Miller has been a fantastic place to work, but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. Rachel and I are busy house hunting and other stuff involved with the move.

New phone

I got a new phone. Treo 755P. It is all set up and running well. I have never had a a palm setup so easy.