Big News

Since I gave my notice, I can post that I have a new job. I will be a Senior Staff Engineer at the University of Cincinnati in the Planning + Design + Construction Department. My tentative start date is September 15th. That may slide depending on my current projects at my current job at Garmann/Miller. Garmann/Miller has been a fantastic place to work, but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. Rachel and I are busy house hunting and other stuff involved with the move.


Making Baby said...

Congrats on everything!!

It stinks that you have to move when you just spent over a year redoing the kitchen and such. Arent you only about 40-50 mins away from Cincinnati?? Why not commute?

Saw you went on Vacation too...
Where did you go?? Been looking for pics but havent seen any updates.

Good luck with everything
Your sister-in-law
Heather Anderson

Alex said...

We currently live over 100 miles from Cincinnati. And we only have one car, so commuting would be over 4 hours a day, not counting any traffic.

Vacation stuff will hopefully get written up this next week when I am trying to figure out what to do with myself in the evening.

Pictures should be up at some point.

Making Baby said...

Wow, I didnt know that I thought you guys were only about 45 mins from Cincinnati. It stinks that you just can't commute, it's not going to be easy to quickly sell your house and buy another one then move before September 15th - Good Luck!!

If we had known you needed a second car we would have given you guys one of ours. We just donated 1 of our 4 cars to charity. If only we had known sooner we could have driven it out to you instead. After all that's what Family is for, right?

I cant wait to see your vacation pictures...Where did you guys go?? over 2,000 miles is a long way to drive, when we drove to Texas that was 1,500 miles and took us a day and a half so it must have been tough on you guys. Hopefully you went somewhere great and had fun. It's so nice when you are able to get a way and just enjoy life isnt it?

Aaron & I have been blessed to have many long and short vacations this year and we are getting ready for our Grand Finale, Our November-December trip to Hawaii-So Excited!

Hope all works out well for you guys....

Kiss the boys for Uncle Aaron and Aunt Heather