Back Home

Fall Gathering is over. Some of the chapter and National officers have headed for home (me being one of them).

I have a few pictures up on my flickr page. Once I figure out Youtube (won't let me post for some reason), I will have some video's up also.


In Ada

I'm in Ada for the weekend for the STE Fall Gathering. I'm looking forward to some Brother time.


Sleeping Bag

So my best friend Andy and his family came over this weekend to visit.  We hadn't seen them since our trip to Florida together.  Since we are remodeling, we usually let visitors have our bed, and Rachel and I sleep in the living room.   The last few times, Rachel has taken the couch, and I sleep in my sleeping bag on the floor. 

Well when Andy and his family got here, I couldn't find the sleeping bag anywhere.  I searched the whole house, the basement, the garage, and Andy and I went to the two storage units that Rachel and I have, but we couldn't find my sleeping bag.  We did find Rachel's, so we grabbed it, and that is what I slept on for two nights. 

This coming weekend is the STE Fall Gathering, and I am going to need MY sleeping bag.  (Its just more comfortable than Rachel's.)  I even started to  contact friends and family to see if I had loaned it/left it someplace.  And after many people told me that they hadn't seen it, I once again walked around the house looking for it, wondering if it had indeed been damaged when our basement flooded earlier this year.

Giving up and deciding to go to bed, I was getting the dog some food when Rachel asked me to come into the bedroom.  In her hands she held my sleeping bag, which she had pulled out of the storage box at the end of our bed.  It was there the whole time. Grrrrrr.

* There are many reasons why this sleeping bag is important to me.  1. I have had it for years.  I'm pretty sure that I was still in Boy Scouts when I got it.  I have had some great trips with that bag.  It is also one of the most comfortable things to sleep on in the world.  It never seems to be too hot, and I am never cold while sleeping in it either.  Anyways, sorry for the weird story about my sleeping bag.