Not much going on today

I spent half of the day up in Elida at a church we are doings some basement renovations for. Trip there and back was a little hairy with the snow.

Rachel and I are planning a trip to go the Chicago IKEA to get our Kitchen cabinets.

Well back to work. We are Busy :).


Yayyyy Its Friday

So I am getting ready to head to work. Its -4 outside right now.

The whole electric department is heading for a school that we are remodeling so that we can make sure our drawings are good this morning. Probably take all morning.

Rachel and I get to go to a fancy dinner tomorrow (well I hope it is as fancy in real life as it is in my head).

We got our check from my bad 401k account yesterday. Yeah, money to fix up the house. (I know, we will get hit with a 10% penalty, bla bla bla bla, its lost 10% in each of the last 3 years, so suddenly 10% more doesn't seem like such a bad deal).

First up, redo the upstairs, leaving provisions (mainly door frames) for the new bathrooms (one remodel, one completely new (have to love cap cods, all that space under the roof just waiting to be used by building a dormer)). Then the kitchen gets remodeled. Then in the spring we will probably replace the windows, and the outside doors to the house. Plus build the new bathroom dormer for the upstairs, and replace the roof at the same time. And at the same time as that, we will replace the siding on the upper parts of the house (lower parts are brick). And then I think that will be quite enough work for the year.

Maybe higher someone to build us a garage in the backyard. I had a link to the plans for the garage, but I can't find it now. It is a two car 30'x25' garage with an upstairs, Basically a cap cod garage :).

Ok, need to leave for work.


Here is my Winter Gear

So you can check my flickr page (at the link in the last post) for more pictures of the Blizzard of 2007 ;).

I also thought you might like to see how I dress up to walk to work right now. I've been doing this even when it was 6 below zero. (I have a backpack on too. Its a BumBakPak )


Crazy Snow - Blizzard of 2007

So as I type this, we have been getting snow for over 12 hours. We started out the day with about 3" of snow, but with the new fallen snow and the wind that we are getting, we have drifts that are about 3 feet tall, and an overall snowfall of about 12". AND IT IS STILL SNOWING :)

Everyone who doesn't live in town left the office today before lunch. I don't know how many people are actually going to show up tomorrow for work. Since I walk, I really don't have much excuse to not make it (besides the fact that I'm betting some of the drifts are taller than me now).

More pictures on my flickr account. Here


Pedometer doesn't work and States I have visited

Yeah, I know, not really related, but hey, its my blog.

So last night at Kroger, I was testing the Pedometer and found that it was only counting my 2 or 3 step. I stepped off 20 steps twice. The first time, it recorded 7 steps and the second time it recorded 9. So, I gave it to Ricky to play with, and I will have to find a better one ;). Any suggestions?

And now for the states visited map.

create your own visited states map

East of the Mississippi I am pretty good. Just have a few more to visit. West of the Mississippi I need quite a bit of work.

And here is Ricky's Map


Hmmm, I guess I don't walk much at work

So my walk in was 997 steps or something like that. Well it is 3:10 and I now have a total of 1792 steps. Wow, a couch potato is supposed to have 3000-5000 steps a day, and I walk a mile round trip for my commute to work.


Getting Warmer

It was a balmy -1 on the walk in. Felt tons warmer. Can't wait for the 20 degrees that is supposed to be coming soon.

In other news, I started wearing a Pedometer. My walk in was roughly 1000 steps by itself!! Hopefully I am going to walk off the pounds. :)

More later....



So my walk to work was a little cold this morning. -4 degrees. Before windchill.

I had estimated that my winter gear was good to about -5 degrees. So I'm glad that I was close. I now think it is good to -10. I wear an American Eagle Snowboarding coat (with hood and zips up above chin), a balclava made of thinsulate, a stocking cap over that. A scarf around my neck under the coat, and a scarf around my mouth on the outside of everything else. Plus some $25 snow boots. Works well for the 1/2 mile walk to work.

So STEBowl was great fun over the weekend. I really had fun being one of the ref's, and seeing some friends.

Pictures here (Thanks DJ for taking them!!!)

more later......


What a crazy night

Tuesday night I installed a new driver for my Logitech trackball. When I got up Wednesday morning MY MAC HAD CRASHED!!!!! This has never happened. I force rebooted it and did what I needed to do in the morning. Then I went to work.

I asked Rachel to shut the computer down just to make sure that stuff wasn't screwed up.

So I immediately suspected the logitech driver, and sure enough the web is littered with complaints about the last THREE versions of the software (I was 4 old). So I uninstalled it. The computer was acting wierd, but I had to run to the hardware store.

I get home and I have a Kernel Panic on the screen. Arrgghh. And the USB bus isn't working (including my internal bluetooth). So I find my system disk and load up and the USB bus works now, but my 7 port USB 2.0 hub doesn't. Grrr. My hub is fried.

I downloaded the last system update that I had installed, and now the USB bus is working again, but the Bluetooth still isn't. And the computer didn't crash overnight.

GRRRRRR. I just rebuilt the laptop this summer. I hope that I don't need to do it again for a stupid trackball software (That I don't even need. MacOSX regonizes all of the buttons automatically (except I can't change the scroll wheel press from anything except "click").