What a crazy night

Tuesday night I installed a new driver for my Logitech trackball. When I got up Wednesday morning MY MAC HAD CRASHED!!!!! This has never happened. I force rebooted it and did what I needed to do in the morning. Then I went to work.

I asked Rachel to shut the computer down just to make sure that stuff wasn't screwed up.

So I immediately suspected the logitech driver, and sure enough the web is littered with complaints about the last THREE versions of the software (I was 4 old). So I uninstalled it. The computer was acting wierd, but I had to run to the hardware store.

I get home and I have a Kernel Panic on the screen. Arrgghh. And the USB bus isn't working (including my internal bluetooth). So I find my system disk and load up and the USB bus works now, but my 7 port USB 2.0 hub doesn't. Grrr. My hub is fried.

I downloaded the last system update that I had installed, and now the USB bus is working again, but the Bluetooth still isn't. And the computer didn't crash overnight.

GRRRRRR. I just rebuilt the laptop this summer. I hope that I don't need to do it again for a stupid trackball software (That I don't even need. MacOSX regonizes all of the buttons automatically (except I can't change the scroll wheel press from anything except "click").

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