Golf went as expected

I am not really very good at golfing, so I did about as well as I expected. Both of our teams finished 10 under par :).

I think that we used 1 or 2 of my shots all day.

Anyways, afterwards we went to Texas Road house and had dinner.

I ordered the smallest steak at 8 oz. 4 others ordered 16oz, and one guy, Brian, ordered a 32oz steak.

And he ate it.

I guess that it helps that he is a giant. He is 6'8" tall, so he is over a foot taller than me.


I think the word is getting out.

Do I have your vote?


Engineering Golf outing

Tomorrow, 7 of our 8 engineers are playing golf in the OSPE golf tournament in Lima. We had to pull an architect into playing to round out our two teams. It will be the employees with the most years, vs the newer employees. May the best team win.

I really don't play well, but since it is a scramble, I may be able to contribute with some chips or with a putt or two. :) Hopefully.

More tomorrow.


Project update - 07/21/08

Well, the drawing count has ballooned up to 94. But they are all done. Just doing the specifications now, and will start plotting the 94 drawings to paper after lunch.



Project Update - 07/20/08

Came in and finished that last drawing. Now I am putting my drawings on to the cover sheet, and then I will go home.


Project Update - 07/18/08

I have 1 drawing left to go. Probably will come in on sunday and do it.

My coworker assures me that he will have his 8 drawings done tonight. I still have to go through the specifications one more time, but I have till 4 on Monday. I worked 50 hours this week and 70 last week to get this thing done. Boy am I glad it is almost over. But I have another submission on this job in October, so I can't slow down too much.


Project update - 07/17/08

12/84 Drawings to go. 8 to be completed by another person, so really only 4 more for me to do. Project due 4 PM Monday.


Project update

Only 20 out of 84 drawing sheets to go :) And 8 of those sheets are being completed by a co-worker.


I know, I am bad about updating

The kitchen is done, minus trim. We haven't been able to start the dining room yet because of work. I have been working between 45-50 hours every week on a project. Last week I worked 69.75 hours (I just couldn't stay for that last 15 minutes ;)). This week looks to be between 50-55. I have a big project due a week from yesterday. I should be able to get it done without working so many hours this week.

This weekend we work on the dining room. Or maybe I will put in one of the kitchen windows. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Oh, and we got a new domain last night - starwarsdudes.com :).