Sensible Gun Law

Saw this at Ohioians for Concealed Carry and just had to post it. Link Here

How is this for a sensible gun law?

Be it enacted, immediately upon the President's signature, all previously enacted federal gun laws are null and void. Be it further enacted that all agents in the employ of the Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (henceforth referred to simply as ATF) in a firearms enforcement role shall be offered positions within the expanded Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) under the supervision of the Director for Civilian Marksmanship (DCM).

Inasmuch as violent crime and the threat of terrorism are – and will remain – a clear and present danger in our world, the following sensible gun laws will be henceforth be enacted and enforced:

1. Every able-bodied person, having reached the age of majority, shall have readily available both a long arm (i.e., rifle or shotgun) and a sidearm (i.e., pistol or revolver) and a minimum of fifty (50) rounds of ammunition for each. (With parental/guardian permission, the age of majority requirement may be waived. Further, those who wish may claim Conscientious Objector (CO) status to be waived from the requirement altogether.) A familiarization-fire course shall be completed by each person at least annually under the auspices of the DCM.

2. The Secretary of Defense (SecDef) shall make available to the DCM a complete inventory of all small arms available in the Department of Defense (DoD) that are not currently required for use within the DoD. Any small arms the DCM deems appropriate shall be transferred to the CMP for sale to United States citizens desiring to comply with paragraph 1 above.

3. All state and local firearms laws are considered to be null and void as they are superseded by both the Second Amendment to the Constitution and the right to self-defense which even predates our Constitution. By extension, all Concealed Weapon/Handgun Licenses are rendered moot – citizens are expected and encouraged to carry weapons/firearms.

4. The DCM, with the aid of the newly transferred former ATF agents shall develop and administer a suitable firearms safety and marksmanship training program for implementation in all schools, grades K-12.

What do you think? I think it is brilliant.