Solutions Wanted

Problem number 1:

Some of you may know, and some may not, but I have used a Palm OS device since 1998 to keep track of information. Palm has discontinued their OS and have upgraded to another. Rachel and I recently upgraded to Palm Centro's (The last PalmOS phone to be made), when our contracts with Verizon ran out. Basically our plan was to keep what we knew for another contract, and then hopefully a new solution would present itself to us. This is working out, but the one problem we have always had is rearing its ugly head again. We can't share calendars.

As I said, I have been using a palm since 1998. I have calendar entries running back to at least 2001 in my calendar, and when I have changed jobs, I transfered over these entries from Outlook calendar to outlook calendar using my Palm PDA/Phone.

Rachel and I have a G5 tower at home that is our media/print server, and i would love it if I could put a monitor from it into the kitchen that showed a calendar on it (plus other stuff). I am having trouble figuring out the solution.

Here is the senario, I have info on my Outlook calendar/ipod touch/palm that are all synced (and in Color coded categories). Rachel has info on her phone that is currently not synced anywhere. I want to merge all of this onto the G5 Server at home so that we can share information. I must also be able to have my work schedule at work. It would be nice if Rachel could add stuff to her phone, then sync, and then I would be able to see changes.

Now, to throw stuff into the mix, I wouldn't be adverse to getting myself a new ipod touch and re-gifting mine to Rachel to facilitate this too. If there is a google calendar solution in here, that would be ok.

Problem 2
I am slowly moving all my info from my Palm to my ipod touch. With the Palm OS basically dieing and my phone being quite buggy, I just don't know if I can wait for the full two years. I used to carry two devices and don't have a problem doing it again.

I have already moved the following over: Fuel log, weight management, photos, Ebook reader, Bible, Calculator, news reader and games. There are a few items that I do on both devices, depending on what I have in hand at the time, but I have the following to move over: notes, password safe, alarm clock and Quicken.

I haven't found usable solutions to move my notes, or a solution to move mobile management of Quicken to the iphone. I would prefer to stay with Quicken, but if I can move to a solution that allows me to enter data mobilly and then sync to a desktop program, I am open as long as it can import my 10+ years of quicken data.

As far as an alarm clock, I have a first gen touch, so it doesn't have a speaker, so i don't know if I can move that over. Plus I have an amazing program on my palm that currently handles that duty, Palmary Clock.

I am evaluating password safes. Anyone have one they like on the ipod? I currently use YAPS

I currently do use the calendar and contacts on both the palm and the ipod, as they both sync with outlook, so they stay up to date. The palm calendar is heads and shoulders better than the ipod/iphone calendar, usability as well as functionality, so I still use the palm as my major data entry point, but have been drifting towards using outlook recently.