More Computer woes

So my 4 month old Apple died on Saturday  :(.  Just wouldn't boot at all.  It would make the startup noise, then just sit at a bright gray-blue screen for hours.  It wouldn't boot from CD, it wouldn't boot from External HD.  Nothing.  So I called Apple. 
They said they would send me a box.  I got the box Tuesday morning.  I ran home and grabbed it and the laptop at lunch, packaged it all up, and sent it out Tuesday night.
I got it back this morning.  40 hours.  That is all that it was out of my possession.  40 hours.  Wow.
They got it Wednesday morning, fixed it and shipped it back to me.
They replaced the Hard drive.  Why a failed HD would cause that problem, I don't know.  Apple can't tell me.  I will be keeping a very close watch on the computer for a while.  I only lost two things.  The complete PC setup (didn't back that up yet :( ), and my Quicken entries from the 17th.  The computer is sitting and restoring from backup at home as I speak, and I will run home and see if I can fix the quicken problem at lunch.  I will use the computer for a while before I do anything with the PC side.  Then I will make another full backup, then reformat/partition, and reinstall/restore the Mac side, and then work on the PC side again.  And this time, I will make a backup of the PC side :).
Hopefully this will fix the problems that I have had with this machine.  If the HD was going bad (even though I tested it a few times), it would explain the random freezing and such I was having, I guess.
Stay tuned for more meaningless entries of my life :)