So earlier this week, I finally broke down and bought a copy of Windows XP Pro. FOR MY MAC.

That's right, Using Apple's BootCamp software, I will be able to boot my new MacBookPro as either a Mac, or a PC.  I will be setting the PC partition up as basically a CAD workstation from work.
I am getting VPN setup here at the office, so the hope is that this summer (and maybe sooner :( ) when I need to work on the weekends, or late into the evening, I can do it from home instead of walking to the office. That will let me spend more time with my family, plus still get some extra work done.

On the PC partition, I will have XP, NOD32 (antivirus), Outlook 2003, Office 2000, AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD 2000i.

And my XP disc is supposed to be delivered today. So tonight I get to do the whole setup for installing XP on my Mac.

And frankly, it makes me feel dirty.


Plans Change.

We didn't go to Columbus yesterday. Some stuff came up, and we ended up being up too late. It turns out God had a plan. My dad called me. He was getting ready to take a trip, and was given a laptop by the company he has been giving talks for. That laptop didn't have software that he needed on it, and he couldn't find software. He couldn't find it, because it is my software. So Rachel, the kids and I drove over to his house and I set up his new computer for him, while he played with the kids. Then dad and I went out and cleaned out his truck so that he didnt have to worry about people breaking into his truck while it was parked at the airport.

Then we did some shopping, and had a nice meal at Bob Evans.


Long time no post

I know, I know, it has been a while since I posted.  Life has been busy.  The boys and I were sick, I got a new laptop, and all the setup that involves.  I set up the server in the basement so now it is our home automation, iTunes, PS2 media server, print server, and network storage drive.  We had more water in the basement.  And we are trying to get more involved in our Church.  I am now running video a few times a month, and Rachel may be doing things soon for Drama.

I've also decided to sell my Vibe.  I've only put 3000 miles on it since November of 2006.  It is just a waste to keep such an expensive vehicle around and not drive it.  We are taking it to CarMax tomorrow to get a quote from them to purchase it, if it is a good price I wil just sell it to them and not have to deal otherwise. 

On the Fraternity front, we had a bunch of trouble finding a hotel for Conclave this year.

Well, I started this yesterday, so I probably should just send it.

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