Long time no post

I know, I know, it has been a while since I posted.  Life has been busy.  The boys and I were sick, I got a new laptop, and all the setup that involves.  I set up the server in the basement so now it is our home automation, iTunes, PS2 media server, print server, and network storage drive.  We had more water in the basement.  And we are trying to get more involved in our Church.  I am now running video a few times a month, and Rachel may be doing things soon for Drama.

I've also decided to sell my Vibe.  I've only put 3000 miles on it since November of 2006.  It is just a waste to keep such an expensive vehicle around and not drive it.  We are taking it to CarMax tomorrow to get a quote from them to purchase it, if it is a good price I wil just sell it to them and not have to deal otherwise. 

On the Fraternity front, we had a bunch of trouble finding a hotel for Conclave this year.

Well, I started this yesterday, so I probably should just send it.

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Tyler said...

Glad to read you guys are getting more active in your church. I'll take it to mean you're still liking it! That's a huge blessing to find a church you're comfortable with.