So earlier this week, I finally broke down and bought a copy of Windows XP Pro. FOR MY MAC.

That's right, Using Apple's BootCamp software, I will be able to boot my new MacBookPro as either a Mac, or a PC.  I will be setting the PC partition up as basically a CAD workstation from work.
I am getting VPN setup here at the office, so the hope is that this summer (and maybe sooner :( ) when I need to work on the weekends, or late into the evening, I can do it from home instead of walking to the office. That will let me spend more time with my family, plus still get some extra work done.

On the PC partition, I will have XP, NOD32 (antivirus), Outlook 2003, Office 2000, AutoCAD 2005 and AutoCAD 2000i.

And my XP disc is supposed to be delivered today. So tonight I get to do the whole setup for installing XP on my Mac.

And frankly, it makes me feel dirty.

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Alex said...

All Installed. Had some trouble with the Windows Firewall, and my second router (I have one upstairs as a wireless access point for the living room). After plugging in downstairs, I was able to finally get everything straightened out. Now I am installing the new macos update. 351 MB. Biggest one yet.