Snow, snow, snow

As many of you know, we are getting hammered by snow here in Cincinnati. I posted a few pictures and a video on our photos page (http://photos.johnsoax.com/).

Thankfully I didn't clean the car off last night, so we have a layer of ice on top of a layer of snow, with a layer of snow over that. So I can easily break the ice off, instead of having to chip it off the car itself. It would have really been cool if the ice would have fallen just right to go all the way to the ground on both sides of the car. That way, I could have maybe figured out how to get in the car and drive out of the ice covering it, leaving a free standing ice car :).


Snow & House update.

Snow has finally come to Cincy. It's about time that it came. Cold weather is just no fun without the fluffy white stuff. So tonight I will be repacking my daily bag with snow gear. What ever gets dumped on us, I will make sure I can get home to my family :). It just may take me a while to walk there. I already carry a GPS in my bag, but will add an emergency lantern and have my snow boots handy. I just hope that my hiking pole is at the apartment, and not at the house.

I love winter and cold weather (really, I am not being sarcastic).

Speaking of the house, I went up the 16th to check on it, and to hopefully get some more of the floor done. When I got up there on the 16th, it was -22 degrees F (-30 C, for our metric friends :)). Air temperature, not counting wind chill. Moisture in the car was freezing to the inside of the windows. I had the heat set at 68 inside the car, so it was 90 degrees colder outside then inside. Thankfully, the house was just fine. Not even a frozen pipe, much less a burst one. We even had another couple go through on the 17th. They seemed genuinely interested, so hopefully they will want to go through again next time I am up there. I couldn't work on the floor because at 19 degrees the on the 17th, it was still too cold to get out the saws and be going into and out of the house all day, so I headed home to Rachel and the boys a day early. And of course, got a call about someone wanting to look at the house on the 18th. But he said that he can wait till I am up there again. It will be the second time for this guy (well first for him, but his dad and uncle went through a few weeks ago).

Well, more info to follow later. Need to do a write up of this last weekend too.


What a weekend!

Friday night Rachel and I met my parents at exit 99 on I-75 and had dinner, then switched cars, with my parents taking our car and the boys to their house, and Rachel and I taking their car to our Minster house. Rachel and I worked on the House for about an hour before the guys showed up to look at the house at 8:50 PM. They walked through and said they may be interested. So hopefully something comes of that. We finished up rearrainging things and stopped by the neighbors to say hi, then headed back to my parents house, arriving around 11:45PM.

Saturday, Dad, my brother BJ and I met my brother-in-law in Lima and went to the fair grounds to a show. We were able to sell one of the two items that we brought, and I was able to pick up the parts I needed :).

I left from the show straight back to Minster for the second showing at 1:00. The young couple (late 20's) had brought both of her parents, and his dad. They walked through the house, and asked a few questions, but I got the feeling that this just wasn't the house they were looking for. I will probably call them in a few weeks, and see if they are still interested, but who knows.

After the showing, my brother showed up and I helped him load one of the old TV's into his car. Then I headed back to my parents.

We used Netflix instant to watch National Treasure 2, which we had already seen, but my parents hadn't. It was an enjoyable evening.

Sunday morning, we got up, got the car loaded and headed out. The plan was for all of us to drive to Cincy and attend church with my grandparents, and then head to their house for Christmas. Grandpa was sick at Christmas, so we had to postpone till now. Well, Rachel and I had Chloe (our dog) with us, so we left early to swing by our apartment to drop off the dog and other bags. My parents would head down about 45 minutes later. Ahh, the Plan.

Right after we past 275 heading south on I-75, my phone rings. My parents car has broken down on the highway near exit 74. So I drop off my wife and kids, and unload the car at the apartment, and head back north. By the time I got up there, the tow truck had come and taken my parents to a Bob Evans just south of where they had broken down. I picked my parents up and dropped them off at the Dayton airport so they could get a rental car, and then headed back down to pick up Rachel and the boys. We ended up having a good visit with Grandma and Grandpa anyways.

Ahh, what a weekend :).


House Call 2

I can hardly believe this. We got another call about the house!!! Showing it late tomorrow night. The gentlemen I talked to won't be in town over the weekend, so we will have to show it while we are there cleaning it.