Lets see, it has been a little while since I posted.

Teddy is here!!!!!!! - pictures at http://photos.johnsoax.com/
- Been really busy at work. Have a bunch of projects going on.
- Rachel's birthday/Easter was fun. We had a baby dedication for Teddy, it didn't go as planned by ended up perfect. Which reminds me, I need to email Tom at CCM.
- Tax day sucked, we ended up owing Federal, State, local and school :(. Stupid 401k cashing in. Of course, if I didn't cash it in last January, I am pretty sure the balance would be about the same as it is now, 0. :).
- My birthday went pretty well. Didn't get much in the way of gifts, but I really don't need anything. But I got lots of hugs, and visits, and that is what is important.
- Still selling the house. Hopefully we can get rid of it soon. Really working on it in the next few weekends. I was up there this past weekend, and took a trailer load to goodwill, and oopps, I think I left the stuff in it that Goodwill wouldn't take. Sent Dad a txt asking him if I did that.
- It's been raining quite a bit down here. Makes the apartment grass really grow. I have to mow twice a week down here. Crazy.
- I was elected as National Secretary for Sigma Theta Epsilon. My term runs 2009-2011. I was Treasurer/Financial Director for 5 years before that. I need to finish up the Treasurer stuff and get that info to the new Treasurer. Fiscal year ends May 31st.
- Been upgrading my carry bag and my edc stuff. Pictures to follow once my new knife comes in.
- Looking forward to my cousin Phil's wedding this weekend (my cousin Judy's son). Can't believe he is getting married. When he was little, he used to drive my cousins and I nuts by breaking stuff and messing up games we were playing. And look at the man he grew up to be. A Marine. Proud of you Phil.