Basement took some Water

I was up till 2:30 last night mopping, flood proofing, and just generally cleaning up the basement.  The rain really picked up around 10, and when I went down to check, found some trickles of water comin from a few of the walls.  The front door jams leak like crazy into the basement, so I will have to investigate that soon.  But basically, we had a 25 year storm, and the basement held up rather well.  I think once we get the gutters fixed and properly channeling water away from the house, we should be in really good shape. 
The dehumidifier cleaned up most of the water overnight, but my carpet under my desk got wet, so I need to figure out how to dry that out.  Its standing on end now.  None of my filing cabinets got wet, and I moved the fraterity one up into the living room for a few days.  The only thing left to do is to get the spare fridge up on blocks and we can take 6" of water without a problem (well except the dehumidifier would be under water, may have to boost it up too).

Sorry to ramble, I am a bit tired. :)

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cdwalker247 said...

Yuck! Flooding is no fun. Remember Josh Parsel's room at The Rock used to leak into the kitchen from the bathroom. I helped paint the poop stained ceiling before. Good to hear that no electronic equipment was in danger. I keep all of my computer stuff up off the floor.