Shirts for Christmas, and other items

I am working on laundry and getting all of my shirts unpacked, and have come to a huge revelation. I don't need any more shirts. If you have already purchased a shirt for me, that's great, I can use it, but don't buy me any if you haven't already. It turns out I had some shirts packed away. I have 54 shirts currently hanging in my closet, with a load of laundry in the washer and in the dryer with more shirts. So I will be weaning my shirt supply instead of growing it. I think I will get it down to 15 long sleeve dress shirts, 5 long sleeve polos, 10 short sleeve polo's, and 10 other shirts.

What should I do with the other shirts? I will be giving them away, but which charity should I give them too?

And for some more information about the ipod touch stuff. I recieved an email from the company that I posted (I have done business with them in the past), and they offered me a tremendous deal. I got the items shipped to me for 64% of the regular price :).

Things are going well. We have a "Sibling" class at Christ Hospital on Saturday for the boys to help with the baby. Then we are meeting up with Rachel's folks for dinner. Next week I have a bunch of meetings, then I am heading to Minster to work on flooring again. Hopefully it won't be too cold while I am there.

Well, need to get back to laundry.

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