Progress on the kitchen - Future plans


Lets see, since I posted last, I have gotten the following done.

Finished stripping the bad primer.
Painted on the new primer
Pulled up all of the old floor.
Got all the other stuff floating around the kitchen out
Painted the wall color
Finished the electrical rough in for the counter recepticles, light above the sink, and future garbage disposal.
(The outside wall was a bear, I had three two conductor cables embedded into the brick, so I had to find where they all ran out of the brick in the attic (major dusty insulation), reconfigure them and wire it all together. The three cables are 1- switch for future garbage disposal, 2- ground wire for receptacle and switch leg for light, and 3- power and neutral for receptacle (power feeds the light switch too))

Remaining to do before party (boys birthday party)
Install floor
Install backsplash
paint backsplash
install outlets - Connect wire in breaker panel
install plumbing
install gas
install range
run circuit for dishwasher
install dishwasher

Remaining to do after party
Install baseboard trim
replace both kitchen windows
install window trim
replace closet door - install trim
replace garage access door - install trim
replace front kitchen door - install trim
replace door frame between kitchen and dining room with pass through trim
Replace lights
Maybe after that, install crown molding, clean and paint the ceiling.

Next project - continue to run new flooring into dining room, hallway, and living room. Also strip wallpaper, and paint same rooms before new floor goes in.

All in all, a pretty busy summer left :)

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