So last night was rough. I was pretty sleepy on the drive home, and then Wes, having been isolated under the bili-light for two days, wanted to be cuddled and played with and fed all night long.

Rachel tells me that I got more sleep than she did, due to me falling asleep putting Ricky to bed.

Today is going well, we went and had the biliruben test this morning, and it is now at 11.1. Yesterday was at 11. But Dr Gill (our normal pediatrition) thinks everything looks good. He schedualed another biliruben and CDC (for the blood platelets) test for Friday, but if everything comes back good, we may not have to see the hemotologist at all. As Dr Gill said, "If all of your blood tests are normal, what is a hemotologist going to do?"

We also have another appointment with Dr Gill in a week. So we are having fun as a family now :).

Off for a family walk!!!!!

I should be getting the pictures up tonight.

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