Moving. Well sort of........

For a few weeks, Rachel and I have been discussing moving my computer from the living room down into the basement. My office will eventually be down in the basement anyways, if we ever get to the basement finishing stage of our house.

So we are having a little get together in a few weeks, and we are trying to straighten up the house. So Rachel informed me today (by text message ;) ) that I am moving my office into the basement. Here it is, can you blame her?

Desk Move 1

So I came home from work, and after dinner, figured out where I wanted to put my full desk. I have only been using about a 1/4 of it in the living room, as that is all that would fit. After I figured out where to put it, I had to run an electric circuit to it, as our basement doesn't have many outlets. Then I had to run a network homerun.

Then I moved the part of the desk that was already in the basement, swept up really good (paint that is partially pealing off a concrete floor is a pain in the butt to sweep up, especially when there are multiple layers of paint :(). I then went to the second floor of our house where we have some stuff stored and found one of the 5x9 carpets. Took that down to the basement and unrolled it.

Got the desk unloaded, carried into the basement and fully assymbled. And now I have all of the computer set back up.

Desk Move 5

More pictures on our flicr page :)

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