Wesley Matthew

Wesley Matthew Johnson was born May 31 at 2:08pm. He was 8lbs, 4oz and 20 3/4; when he was born. The labor was perfect, Rachel gave birth in a hot tub! Unfortunately, they found some issues with Wes's blood, then he got moderate jaundace, so we are still in the hospital. He is on an IV and under the blue lights :(. Hopfully we will get out today, but should be out by tomorrow. I will get somw pictures up on the picture page (photos.johnsoax.com) as soon as I can. I only have my pdas, so I am a little limited in what I can do (will attemp to fix some of that when I get a chance when all of this is over)/ Ok, time to eat breakfast.

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Rachel said...

Congrats again Alex! Tell Rachel, Ricky and Wes that we love them. We can't wait to meet Wes!

We're praying for you guys. Hopefully you'll get to come home today. :)