Catchup with the Johnsons

Rachel and I are getting ready for Ricky's 2nd B-day party this coming saturday. We are staying at my parents on Friday night so Rachel and Mom can make the cake (we don't have an oven right now ;)).

Last night we cut Ricky's hair for the first time with the clippers. It was so much faster than with sissors. He cried a little bit, but then I took him out to play on his slide, and he talked to the neighbor. Watch photos.johnsoax.com for pictures of the haircut.

We also interviewed a doula for Wes's birth yesterday. We decided to hire her, as we really got along with her well. She will be there to help me keep Rachel comfortable. I wish more insurances would cover these professionals, as they easily save more money than they cost for the delivery. Oh well, it is definitly money well spent.

Had to buy a new printer. The two year curse strikes again. And this time, right after I change the cartridges :(.

Well, we are trying to get the munchkin to bed. More later.

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