Web changes

Well, thanks to Registerfly.com loosing their ICANN Accredidation, I will be changing a few things around.

johnsoax.com will point to our webpage, (that used to be thejohnsonfamilyonline.net)instead of here. This blog will now be blog.johnsoax.com.

I have made the changes, now they just have to propagate through the internet before they work.

I will fix the webpage to show the new address, and change thejohnsonfamilyonline.net to show a page directing people to update their bookmarks for the new addresses.

And I will just be letting thejohnsonfamilyonline.net expire in november. Mainly because Registerfly is not letting me move it to another registrar and because it is just too long. ;)

Anyways, have a good day.

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