Getting started

I have a list of things to do this week.

Clean up basement.
Design/buy/build shelving for front wall in the basement - Design done
move everything from upstairs to shelving in the basement
move all tools from Garage to basement
clean up and organize tools
install new mailbox
install indoor/outdoor thermo One set Kitchen and outside, other set master bedroom and ricky's room
clean up garage
park one car in the garage (it is only a one car garage ;))

return belt to wilson's leather
get battery changed in tigger watch
Done - Look into new door between Garage and house - All Steel auto close
Done - Look at Garage plans/models
Pick up Garage door opener from parents
Install new (to us) garage door opener (wish list)

Think I will get it all done?

Next week starts the upstairs renovations (if I get this list done, if not, then when the list gets done.

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