Test of blogging while mobile

This is a test while posting from my handheld.  I have a Treo now, but I have data turned off because Verizon is too expensive.  So this is via a hotsync with my work computer.  The next test will be how the post shows up if I make the post at night, but can't hotsync at work till the next day.  Hopefully it will preserve the date and time that I wrote it, and not the time that I hotsync.  Only time will tell.


cdwalker247 said...

I was able to do mobile blogging with blogger when I was on that before. I had an email address attached to the blog and just sent a text message from my phone to that address. I was limited to 160 chars though and its slow to type text on my phone. I use Wordpress now for blogging, but haven't had the need to investigate mobile blogging yet.

Oh, and I am glad you made it back from your trip. I do read the blogs. I am a feedreader maniac and I am trying to do more commenting since nobody every comments on mine. Oh well, check ya latah.

Alex said...

I didn't even think about txt messaging. I have 500 non Verizon Texts a month. Hmm. Will have to give that a try.

My mobile solution right now is I have an email address set up to email to. Then I took my domain and made an email forward so that I had a very easy way to make a blog post with an email address with the johnsoax.com domain.