Birthday List - UPDATED

My birthday is coming up soon, and I have been asked for some ideas for what I want. I will try to think of some other things and update the list.
Album - On a Clear Night - Missy Higgins (CD or iTunes)
Album - Jeremy Camp - Live Unplugged
Album - Jeremy Camp - Speaking Louder than before
Song - Toxic - A Static Lullaby (iTunes)
Song - Over My Head - A Day to Remember (iTunes)
Song - Apologize – Silverstein (iTunes)
DVD – Quantum of Solace
DVD - HOUSE Seasons 1,3 or 4
Gift Cert to iTunes
Gift cert to eReader.com or fictionwise.com (to get ebooks)
(email for gift is ereader at johnsoax.com)
Some way to generate electricity for free or cheap, (disposable nuclear reactor or "Mr. Fusion")
Buyer for my house
New house (I can dream, right?)

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