Reading list

Thought I would check in for the two of you who care about what I am
reading right now. Just finished up Book 16 of the New Jedi Order
Series. And I want a break from the Yuuzhan Vong story line.

Picked up the last in the Republic Commando Series this weekend (in
paperback, as no one carries it in ebook format), 501st: An
Imperial Commando Novel. I also have a novel about the end of the
world to read (also paperback), plus the book written by that airline
pilot who crash landed the plane in the Hudson (ebook). I've also got
some non-fiction to read too, but I think I will stick with fiction at
the moment.

(I know, I need to put some titles in here, but I can't remember what they are, will look when I get home).

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