Yikes. Very quiet lately

Sorry about no posts for a while. We are still hanging on. Haven't sold the Minster house yet, but will probably be putting it back up for sale soon. Hoping to see if the renters are interested again. Need to send them an email.

I have added a widget at the side to show blog posts that I have enjoyed reading. I used to post a link to each of them to Twitter. Twitter automatically updates to my Facebook page. Some friends (Yes I am looking at you Sara ;)) didn't care for it, and Facebook actually treated me like a spammer the other day, so I decided I needed to change how I was doing this. So I am using a Google Reader Share page to handle it now. I will still post the occasional link to Twitter/Facebook if it was just amazing (Like the post to the Pioneer Woman's coffee cake that I just posted...Drool).

Well, back to work.

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