Answered Prayers, or how the good guy finished first.

On our way to small group tonight, I was going about 5 over the speed limit when we get passed by a woman like we are standing still, cutting us off. With all the other stuff going on in our life, such as our house stuff, I am fed up with being the good guy. I looked up to heaven and cried out "Why Lord!!!, why do good guys always finish last? Where are the police when these people drive like idiots. If I drove like that, I would get pulled over instantly. "

As we come over a hill, I see a cop come up to the street from a neighboring industrial park. Rachel looks at me and says "Honey, there is the cop". He pulls out behind the woman, and we come up behind both of them at the next stop light. As we all turn right, he lights her up. Rachel and I look at each other and grin. I again look up to heaven and say "Thanks God!". Some times prayers get answered instantly!!!

I am a good guy by choice. My parents raised me right. And it's a good thing...

I would make a fantastic villain.................

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