Updates & Upcoming Projects

Updates on us since I haven't posted in a while.

We sold the house!!!!!!

The house sold on Feb 11th, after we had it scheduled to close on the 15th. The buyers asked to move it up. Worked out great.

We've finally replaced our cell phones and got IPhones from Verizon. Not looking forward to the first bill after getting data.

We celebrate Teddy's 2nd birthday this weekend. Hard to believe he is that old. And huge!!

Winter is finally ending!! (Well maybe, it is snowing as I type this.)

This means that I can start working on some projects around the house.

Here is the list of projects I would like to get done this summer/year:
- New Garage door
(deposit down on this, and will be done by Dan the Doorman)
- Refurbish and paint the lockers to move to entry way.
Each of us will get a locker, plus there will be a guest locker. And there will Be hooks on the end to have more guest/misc hanging.
- Possible replacement of front low roof.
I made a repair that seems to be holding. We may just keep an eye on this this year with the plan to replace the entire roof next year.
- Camper/Trailer
We are looking at a camper this weekend from a co-worker for a good deal. I may still at least get the trailer base from Dad to look at building my own camping gear/roof top tent trailer. If we don't get the camper, I will probably build the trailer from Compact Camping Concepts. (http://www.compactcampingconcepts.com/)
- General Rover work
- Wheel Bearings. At $240, this would be cheap insurance to make sure I have good wheel bearings.
- Figure out the electrical/alarm system issue that I have
- Change transmission fluid/filter.
- Fix the small exhaust leak under Driver's seat.
- Replace door between garage and house
- Replace front door on the house.
- Paint existing shutters
- Front flowerbed work
- Rear yard landscaping
- watching craigslist for a free hot tub.

More later. As always, pictures are at photos.johnsoax.com

Alex Johnson
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