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This pretty much sums up how I feel about the election.

Posted at WND.com as a letter to the editor.

"America's best days are now behind us

I never thought I'd live to see the day when I would be disgusted with my country. I'm as much of a flag-waving conservative as they come, someone who has always been proud to be American and believes in the fundamental greatness and exceptionalism that America has been. But to see my fellow Americans elect a man to the presidency with ties to domestic and foreign terrorists, openly campaigns on socialistic tax policies, expresses clear disdain for the people who drive 80 percent of job creation, has political attack dogs who go after ordinary citizens who ask him tough questions, and the list goes on. It makes me sick to my stomach and has greatly diminished my faith in America as well as my belief that it can ever regain the greatness it enjoyed many decades ago.

This man, Obama, was chosen over a decorated war veteran with a long history of patriotism and service to his country? I'm certainly no big fan of John McCain politically as he has opposed conservative principles at times in his career, but compared to Barack Hussein Obama? An America true to its founding principles would reject a candidate like Obama who's very love for his country is suspect and sits in a church pew for 20 years listening to a preacher yell G-d damn America.

The American foundational ideals of a small government, guided by biblical principles and accountable to the people was just spat upon in this election. Further, I'm skeptical these ideals can ever be revived. Make no mistake, the left is getting the return on its investment it made in the liberal indoctrination centers, otherwise known as the public schools and universities. The "youth" vote which went heavily for Obama is a clear indicator of their utter ignorance of the history and founding principles of this country and the wars that were fought against the very ideologies Obama leans toward and of the people he "pals around with." The schools and universities have produced the future perpetual-juvenile, entitlement-minded, dependency-class electorate that the Democratic Party needs to survive. They have no concerns about Obama's ties to America haters. To them, Obama will bring about "social justice," and that's all that matters. In short, we've seen in this election the last 20 years of liberal brainwashing coming home to roost.

Having just watched a documentary on the Revolutionary War, I was reminded of the incomprehensible sacrifices that were made in order to establish the United States as a country. As I look out across this country on this night, indeed over the last 40 years, it's clear that sacrifice has been squandered. The relative peace and prosperity we've enjoyed has caused too many Americans to have slowly become spoiled, adopting a juvenile mentality where they believe that the country owes them something and they look to the government like a child asking parents for an allowance. This election shows that at least half the country has adopted that mentality, for indeed the vast majority of the Democratic Party's constituency is comprised of these social juveniles and the rest are the elites who seek power by affirming that mentality through the demonization of those who actually give these people jobs.

Clearly, this is the beginning of the end, as the United States is officially in decline. As many of us are coming to realize, America's best days are far behind her. The emerging new electorate knows and cares nothing of America's history (nor do they have any desire to learn it). They are ignorant of America's foundational principles, and they reject the idea that America is an exceptional country and is unique among all nations and empires that came before it. It's no wonder that the news media and Hollywood are so thrilled about these "new voters."

At the end of the day, as I gaze on my children sleeping (unaware of the bleak future that awaits them), it truly saddens me to contemplate the America they'll be growing up in. They deserve the America that I once knew and they're not going to get it. So I go to bed tonight with heavy heart and very little hope for the future.

Mike Michaelian

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