Well, after two days of painting for 4 hours a day, I am finally able to post.

Our apartment in Cincy had Mexican resturant orange walls in the kitchen and dining room. My pregnant wife informed me that I had to change them, so I used the left over paint from our kitchen in Minster to paint the dining room and kitchen, a nice regal green color (called Chive). It looks much better now.

And our big news so far of this month is that we are finally fully moving down to Cincy. Rachel and the boys have been living apart from me since the middle of September. Movers are coming on Tuesday to pack the kitchen and breakables and load up the trailer. I get to be there to supervise due to Tuesday being a holiday. But Rachel gets to supervise the unloading alone :(. If anyone wants to help her out next wednesday, let us know.

So last night should be the last night that I spend at the apartment alone. So I am excited to say the least. Plus I will finally get to watch TV on the big screen again, instead of this junky little 20" one ;).

More later.

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cdwalker247 said...

Very cool news. Where are you going to be living at in Cincy? I knew that you were back with the job change, but curious as to how close you would be to some of us who are still here. Oh, and don't post the address or anything to the public if you don't want to, just send me an email with all of that.