What I want for Christmas

Since I haven't had a chance to work on the Gift list section (or any part, for that matter) of johnsoax.com, here is my Christmas list.  It is subject to change at will.
Gift Cert to iTunes (to get Voltron seasons)
Gift cert to eReader.com or fictionwise.com (to get ebooks)
Back to the Future DVD set.  (Widescreen)
The Usual Suspects DVD (widescreen)
Accessories for my iPod Touch (screen protector, some kind of protective case)
Device mount for Pacifica (want to be able to have GPS and ipod mounted to it on side of dash, right now just want the custom mount for the Pacifica).
Dress shirts and ties.  (I have no idea a size, I just went to the bathroom to look, and couldn't see find it in the shirt I am wearing at all.
Some way to generate electricity for free or cheap, (disposable nuclear reactor or "Mr. Fusion")
A buyer for my house.

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Alex said...

Specifically this case/screen protector combo